Infusing soul, Indigenous acknowledgment, and mindfulness into our outdoor experiences.

Rediscover the beauty of nature

Rediscover the beauty of nature through excellent service, thrilling experience, and mindful awareness. We’re an outfitters that offers guided fly fishing trips, mindful hiking experiences, “Food x Fire”, trail rides, retreats, and special events. We intend to implore a “gold medal” standard of service across all metrics.

The fam and I had such a great and unique experience fly fishing and enjoying food by the camp fire, thanks to the great crew at Wanderland Outdoors.

Continued education, knowledge, and access of BIPOC peoples

What makes Wanderland Outdoors special, is its dedication to ensuring continued education, knowledge, and access of BIPOC peoples in the outdoor industry. Wanderland Outdoors was founded to fill the need in the outdoor space for diversity in faces, an elevated luxury experience, and to help reconnect future clients to the land around them.


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